Spring Water Drinking Center - NEW
Red Dot Filtration System - NEW
Reverse Osmosis
Whole House Filtration System

Clear Water Free of Sediment

The system is used in all domestic and industrial sectors in order to completely eliminate particles suspended in liquids.
As far as the treatment of drinking water is concerned, particular attention has been paid to ensure that the appliances are non-toxic in accordance with International standards and regulations.
The 10 housing with 3\4 in let-outlet is installed after the meter. the inside filter of 25 mic insure clear water to the whole house.

Cartridge Life:

6 Month (Depending on the usage and the quality of the incoming water ).

The System Includes:

  NW3124 : 1 Pcs 10 housing 3\4
  NW2113 : 1 PCS Polypropylene 10 25 Micron
  NW5250 : 1 PCS
  1 key
  ALL ITEMS FOR D.I.Y - Colorful packaging

Dimensions : 14 x 14 x 33 cm

Weight :
1.4 kg

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