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The Hot and Cold water dispenser NOGA SPRING we supply is at the cutting edge of domestic water filter dispensers available today. Boiling and chilled water, with filter core and Ultraviolet ray sterilizer technology make sure maintaining fresh and healthful water

Reasons you'll want a NOGA SPRING water dispenser

Water Meter: The compact Water Dispenser has a digital water meter (gauge) that displays the amount of water that has passed through the device. It also gauges the days and amount of time the device has been used as well as the amount of time the UV lights have been used.

Energy Saving Sensor: A light sensitive sensor that controls the standby mode. After 10 minutes of darkness in the room, the device goes into standby mode to save energy. After a minute of light the device lights up and begins working again automatically.

Internal flood protection system: There is an automatic locking system that prevents the overflow of water after 40 seconds of continuous pouring. The device also includes internal sensors that detect water moisture to prevent water pouring into the system.

Digital warning system: The device detects trouble shootings which are displayed for the user on the digital screen.

Temperature choices: Hot, cold and room temperature water is easily dispensed from push-button faucets.

SAFTEY: The kids lock function, avoids children been scalded.

 Filtration System
1 - Sediment filtration:
Filter sand, rust and foreign particles.
2 - Carbon filtration:
Absorbs chlorine, odors and after tastes.
3 - Siliphos balls:
Prevents limescale, organic materials and lead.
4 - UV purification:
Ultraviolet ray sterilizer technology make sure maintaining fresh and healthful water.
Simple and Easy filter replacement without the need of a qualified technician.

Dimensions and Design:

  With a height of 330cm and a sleek modern design, NOGA SPRING Water Dispenser represents the 21st Century in kitchen appliance.

Technical Specifications:

 Height: 33 cm
 Width: 28 cm
 Depth: 27 cm
 Hot water: 85° -100° C for about 75 cups an hour.
 Cold water: 8° - -2° C for 50 cups per hour.
 Heating Element: 800 watts
 compressor cooling-R134A.
  Insulated hot water tank with a "temperature guard" coating for constant maintenance of hot water.
 UV lamp indicator meter indicator
  Ultra-light surround lighting
  Water spillage tray
  An extra hot water button for faster boiling
  Digital touch screen
 Three layered, anti-bacterial, long lasting paint

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