Spring Water Drinking Center - NEW
Red Dot Filtration System - NEW
Reverse Osmosis
Under-the-Sink Filtration Systems

  1 Stage Standard Water Filtration System
  1 Stage Water Filtration System - Double Action
  3 Stage Water Filtration System Point of Use
  4 Stage Water Filtration System Point of Use
  Quick Change Water Filtration System
  4-Stage Water Filtration System Point of Use - with UV
  Technical Details

A Great All Round Solution:

Noga Water Care offers a full range of under sink, tap and filter systems for domestic water treatment.

The systems are installed under the kitchen sink and the filtered water is dispensed from a separate faucet mounted on the counter top. The systems can be connected to other appliances, such as refrigerators and hot/cold dispensers dispensers.

Noga Under-the-Sink filtration systems solve the flowing problems:

 Particles in water
  Unpleasant tastes and odors, such as chlorine and/or sulfur (rotten egg) in drinking water.