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Red Dot Filtration System - NEW
Reverse Osmosis
4 Stage Water Filtration System Point of Use

A combined purification and filtering system, using materials approved for use with drinking water.
The system is installed under the kitchen sink, and the filtered water is dispensed from a separate tap mounted on the counter top.
The system can be connected to other appliances: refrigerators, hot/cold water dispensers etc.
The advantage of this system is the numbers of filters that waters pass through. We ensure long life and higher quality of water..

Dimensions : 42 x 42 x 17 cm

Weight :
6 kg

  Stage 1 : rust, sand, particles, and sediments.
  Stage 2 : chlorine, odor and bade taste.
  Stage 3 : bad taste and odor.
  Stage 4 : "Extra filter "- bad taste and odor.

The System Includes :

  1 three-stage bracket
  3 filter housings 1/4"
  1 sediment filter 1 micron
  1 In-line activated carbon
  1 Tape Feed Valve
  2 MT TubeĽ"
  1 key / wrench
  ALL ITEMS FOR D.I.Y - Colorful packaging

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