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Reverse Osmosis Installation

Installation Instructions:
These instructions are fairly easy to follow and can be installed in a very short amount of time. If however you prefer, you can contact your local plumber or handyman and they can install the system for you very quickly.

Preparation for Installation:
This system may be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal position and must be positioned to allow access for service and filter cartridge changing. At the same time, the assembly should be relatively near the spigot to maximize flow rate. The storage tank can be placed on its side without affecting the performance of the system. If there is insufficient room under the sink, the tank may be located in an adjacent cupboard.

Installation of Water Supply Conector:
Easy Connector (Water Supply Connector + Deliver-Valve).
The water supply connector that comes with the unit is made up of two parts: Water Supply Connector 1/2' male x 1/2' female NPT & Deliver-valve 1/4' x 1/4'.

Water Supply Connector


  Simply disconnect cold water line from angle stop bottom or from faucet stud on top. Complete with cone-washer and seal.
  Assemble the water supply connector by inserting the Deliver-valve. Screw the deliver-valve into the side of the water supply connector using 3 to 4 wraps of Teflon tape.
  Disconnect the water supply line from the cold water faucet underneath sink. Attach and tighten water supply connector assembly being careful not to pinch or crimp any tubing or water supply line while tightening.

Installation of Sink-Top Faucet :
Most sinks have an extra hole for the mounting of additional faucets, sprayers or soap dispensers. If your sink does not have an additional hole, use the following procedure.

  Using a VSR drill with a carbide grinding burr, gently grind away enough porcelain or enamel to more than accommodate the drill bit (about the size of a dime). Enough surface material must be removed to expose the base metal.
  Using the 1/4' drill bit, drill a 1/4' hole through the base metal. Operate the drill slowly and carefully, especially when the drill is about to penetrate the metal. If necessary use a drop of two of oil in the hole.
  Repeat step 2. Using the 1/2' drill bit. Mount the sink top faucet in the hole and using an adjustable wrench (or hand) to hold the faucet, tighten the 9/16' nut

Installation of Drain Saddle :
  Position as far away from the garbage disposal as possible.
  The drain saddle should be installed above the p-trap on the vertical or horizontal tailpiece
  Drill a 1/4' hole into the drain pipe observing the above position.
  Mount drain saddle aligning holes. (Drill bit may be left in saddle hole for alignment)
  Carefully tighten both screws on drain saddle till snug. Do not over tighten

Installation of Storage Tank :
Wrap 4 to 5 winds of Teflon tape around metal tank threads.
Hand tighten plastic shut-off valve to tank. (Firm but not over tight.)
Tank should come from the factory with 8 to 14 lbs. PSI of air when measured empty.

Mounting the Purification Assembly:

Determine if Mounting is Necessary. This Can be Optional
  Mark screw locations at the desired positions. Use the two holes on back of purification assembly mounting bracket for marker guides.
  Screw wood screws supplied with unit into marked positions. Leave screw heads out a little.
  Mount purification assembly onto screws.

Iinstallation of R.O. Membrane:

Original Packaging is to Prevent Membrane Damage During Transit.


Membrane Housing

  Remove the membrane housing cap.
  Install the membrane by carefully pushing the spigot end into the socket at the far end of the housing until completely in.
  Replace housing cap. (watch out- the o'ring)

Connecting the Color Tubing :

  Connect the WHITE tubing to the water supply connector.
  Connect the BLUE tubing to the sink top faucet.
  Connect the BLACK tubing to the drain saddle.
  Connect the RED tubing to the storage tank.

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