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Reverse Osmosis
5 stage Reverse Osmosis with UV Treatment

A combination of the best of Worlds. RO and UV system. The UV light will disinfect filtered water at normal flow rate, providing one of the safest filtering systems available. Bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms are destroyed by interfering with the DNA and RNA in the organisms' reproductive cycles. It cause immediate death for organisms and wipe out their ability to survive and reproduce.

the system provides safe, pure water using Reverse Osmosis Technology. It is one of the finest units in its class. It uses no chemicals or electricity and provides premium water quality. It's capable of removing over 95% of total dissolved solids, +99% of all organics and +99% of all bacteria.

the system improves both the taste and quality of your water. It reduces up to +99% of the chlorine, as well as objectionable odors and sediment. The system also reduces the following hard water contaminants that may be present in your water: lead, cooper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrite, nitrate, and selenium.

Five Stage Action

 Stage 1 : 5-Micron Fiber Filter - Filters coarse substance and sediment.
 Stage 2 : Active Carbon Filter that removes toxins.The pressed and grained active carbon with strong absorption removes 2-ichloroethylene, bleaching agents, pesticides, odor, color, toxins and cancer-induced TTHM.
 Stage 3 : Active carbon
 Stage 4 : UV-ray Sterilizer- 1gpm - 99.9% sterilization capability
 Stage 5 : ...

The System Includes :

 1 membrane housing
 1 membrane 50 gallons.190 liters/ 24 hours
 1 Shut-off
 1 sediment filter 5 microns
 2 carbon filters 5 microns
 1 In-line activated carbon
 1 flow restrictor
 1 check valve
 1 four way valve
 1 drain clamp adapter
 1 goose type faucet
 1 key
 1 water storage tank
 ALL ITEMS FOR D.I.Y - Colorful packaging

Dimensions : 24 (L) X 46 (W)

Technical Data : Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter: UV Data Technical Data

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