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Reverse Osmosis
6 Stage Reverse Osmosis with Mineral Filter

The mineralized water after the mineralized filter has perfectly balanced proportions of minerals necessary for healthy development of the human body.

Dimensions : 44x49x18 cm

Six Stage Action

 Stage 1 : A 5-micron sediment filter removes particle, sand and rust.
 Stage 2 : A compressed-carbon filter absorbs chlorine and undesirable taste and odors.
 Stage 3 : A second compressed - carbon filter further absorbs chlorine and undesirable taste
 Stage 4 : A semi-permeable membrane (0.001 microns) filters the drinking water.
 Stage 5 : Bad taste and odor removal
 Stage 6 : Mineral water filter

Advantages of the Residential Reverse Osmosis System

 1 membrane housing
 1 membrane 50 gallons.190 liters/ 24 hours
 1 Shut-off
 1 three stage bracket
 3 filter housings
 1 sediment filter 5 microns
 2 carbon filters 5 microns
 1 In-line activated carbon
 1 pcs mineral filter
 1 flow restrictor
 1 check valve
 1 four way valve
 1 drain clamp adapter
 1 goose type faucet
 1 key
 1 water storage tank
 ALL ITEMS FOR D.I.Y - Colorful packaging

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