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Red Dot - New innovative whole house filtration system


The Noga Red Dot filtration system is unique innovative system that solves the real problems of whole house filtration: particles, scale and chlorine reduction. Made of high quality material Noga red dot is ideal for use with drinking water.

Basic Unique Principal:

  Ever lasting washable disc filter 25 micron
  Environmentally friendly filter disc as it can be reused
  Red dot indicates when to wash the filter
  Back wash Feature with the 3/8 tap on the drain cock
  Choice of cartridges for water treatment

Technical Specifications:

 10 years guarantee .The disc filter is washable 25 micron sediment filter.
 Build in indicator. When the filter gets blunted the pressure of the incoming water goes up and push the Red dot to the screen indicates to wash the filter.
  High flow with minimal drop of pressure.
 10" filter housing fits all filters in market.
  Choice of cartridges:
1. Disc filter for sediment
2. Classic sediment filter.
3. Scale reducing filter with Silicon-polyphosphate .reduces scaling effects of water hardness.
4. Activated carbon filter.


  Fast and easy flushing out
 Fast and easy flushing out
 Exclusive design - Red dot indicator
 Transparent and opaque bowel in the program
 3/4" - 1" female brass in/out
 High capacity flow rate
 Full program - one or two housing as per application
 By pass option
 Variety of filters
 Full line of accessories
 Competitive price
 Fast delivery- O.E.M available


1. Filtration of municipality water supply
2. Filtration of rain water or well water
3. Filtration before softener with by pass
 Industrial and agriculture

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