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Block Carbon Filter

This filter cartridge is made of activated carbon which is proven to remove bad tastes and odors by absorption. The filter is tightly wound and uses very fine activated carbon particles to maximize adsorption efficiency.

Activated carbon works best when it has sufficient contact time with the water. for best performance, filters must be properly sized and located.

Extruded activated carbon block filter cartridge with outside PP bonded no woven fabric can remove over 90% remaining chlorine and 95% volatility organics effectively and it can be made of diff erent filter media such as coal carbon, fruit shell carbon, coconut shell carbon and silver added activated carbon etc. It can remove remaining chlorine, organics, odor, smell, turbidity, sludge and suspending partices.

Filtration rate :

Length :
9 -7/8x2.5',5" 20"

Category :
carbon, coconut shell.

CTO - 10 takes advantage of activated carbon's absorption of chemical contaminants.Improves taste and odor of water.

Eliminates :

   Mechanical impurities over 5 microns
   Chlorine and its toxic derivatives
   Heavy metals
   Organic chemicals

Uses :
   10" housing and Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Replacement of cartridge :
   Every 6 months (varies on usage).

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