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Reverse Osmosis

Easy to replace filters. No need for for service - D.I.Y R.O type.

Eco Osmosis - The Only System Saving You Water

The only system with a Noga Eco system. With any regular osmosis, every liter of purified water uses 15 liters that drain down the sewer.

Save water with Eco Osmosis
A unique development by Noga Water Care Netherlands. Save 80% of wasted water drained down the sewer.

Saving water = saving money.
Results of controlled experiment, executed at an authorized lab, prove that this system saves up to 80% in comparison with any regular osmosis system. The Noga Eco System increases the pressure of the purified water in the tank and thus reduces the amount of water drained to the sewer.

  The Noga Eco System extends the membrane life, reduces the tank filling time and reduces the number of filter replacements.
  The Noga Eco System can be installed on any existing osmosis system and it immediately saves water and money for you.
  The Noga Eco System returns its investment within two years.
  General Electric membrane inside.

Eco-Osmosis improves the efficiency of water production by reducing waste water by 75%.
Eco-Osmosis produces 1 litter of tap water for every 2.8 litter tats go to the drain.instead of 1 to 10 in the conventional R.O.
Eco-Osmosis' water pump forces the clean water to the tank and reduces the membrane back pressure.


  Faster Water Production

  Flow Inlet Pressure

  Incrase Membrane Life 2 At

  Lower TDS Creep

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