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Scale The Cholesterol of Home Piping

What is scale?

Scale is lime sediment created from heat induced composition of calcium and carbon dioxide in underground water.

Fighting Scale:

  Magnesium is the only chemical element that creates an electromagnetic field that changes the scale's composition and prevents submergence.
"Siliphos" is a material that prevents submergence of the scale.

The German Giuliani Company developed a siliphos that dissolves very slowly in water and reduces the scale settlement in the water pipes by up to 90%. This solution is implemented in products developed by the Noga WaterCare - Netherlands Company for scale treatment.

Advantages of scale prevention:

 Saving on electricity -1 mm of scale on the heating element causes a 10% increase in electricity consumption.
  Extends the life span of house piping.
 Less expensive maintenance costs. The siliphos is replaced only once a year.
  Does not pollute underground water.
  Unbeatable prices.

NOGA WATER SCALE is a leading-class water treatment and water de-scaling system. Our water treatment products are efficient, easy to install and are used around the world.
Our systems provide de-scaling, prevent limescale formation and make great cost savings ines and dishwashers resulting in higher maintenance costs and a shorter life.


 Low maintenance & repair costs
 Prevents scale build up
 Protects extensive pipe networks upstream and downstream
 Easy to Install
 Works on all pipe materials
  Industrial and domestic versions available