Spring Water Drinking Center - NEW
Red Dot Filtration System - NEW
Reverse Osmosis
Scale Reducer Magnetic Filter


The green magnet that prevents the submerging of scale in the
pipes The magnet is installed on the water pipe next
to the specific location in which we are interested
in reducing the amount of scale. The magnet is equipped
with a 7000 Gauss electromagnetic power ensuring its
long life span.
Water conditioning system that uses magnetism. Prevents
rusty water and prevents the growth of an removes rust,
scale, and water deposits. Needs to be installed outside
the piping.


Coldwater circulation systems , cleaning tower systems (open systems).

, coolers, heat exchangers, extrusion molders, mold cooling, compressors, heating ovens, reaction towers.

Low-temperature water circulation systems
, building air conditioning systems (primary side, secondary side, sealed systems), refrigerators, boilers, heat exchangers,

Hot water supply systems
(hot water), boilers, hot water tanks, electric water heaters, heaters, bathrooms, heated swimming pools, solar systems, water supply systems (drinking water), water holding tanks, elevated water tanks, well water, pools, baths.

Agriculture, paddy cultivation, spas, water tanks, nutrition, cement.

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