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Reverse Osmosis
Noga Lime Scale with Back Washing


 Reduces scale and removes particles
 Ensures your protection against scale submerging due to its unique designensuring 100% water transfer through the filtering mesh
and siliphos. This filter only, ensures full contact between the water and the scale-reducing siliphos.
 Comes with a drainage faucet for self-washing particles off the filter
 Lowest price on the market
 Low maintenance cost - replace the siliphos only once a year and wash the particle filter as required.


Noga Lime Scale is built with high technology. The housing is equipped with a valve that allows backwash operation.
In addition to the sediment filtration the Shilophs reduce scale build in the pipes of the house. When sediment has accumulated in the filter, a pressure reduce in the water indicates that backwashing is due.


  Shock-resistant Synthetic material housing
 Low-lead brass alloy
 Ball valve


Then the water flow is reduced due to an increased pressure loss, but every two months at the latest.
Replace the Shilyphos once a year.

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