Spring Water Drinking Center - NEW
Red Dot Filtration System - NEW
Reverse Osmosis
LB500-Z Plazma Air Purifier


 Unique Plazma Air Purifier - Sterilizing all kinds of viruses and MRSA agents of disease.Sterilizing all kinds of molds, germs, fungi, and bacteria.Removing all kinds of stench, including the smell of cigarettes, rest rooms, food waste, and molds.Cigarettes Smoke, Pollen, Dust, Animal Dander, Dust Mites, Molds

 To use in office, Home, Clinics, bord rooms, lounges (up to 100m2) for effective operation

  Plasma Cluster: 6 Step Filter (Pre-filter, anti-bacterial filter, Hepa filter,
Deodorization filter, Photo catalyst filter, UV Lamp

  Ionizer Assists in Air Cleaning

 Product (Shape) Size:420X220X580 mm

  Power(Rated Voltage): AC220V

  Power Consumption:40W

  Suitable Space: 100m2

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