Spring Water Drinking Center - NEW
Red Dot Filtration System - NEW
Reverse Osmosis
LB400-S HEPA Air Purifier with UV Light


  Advanced UV Model - Effectively Removes Smoke, Pollen, Dust, Animal Dander, Dust Mites, Molds, Bacteria and Viruses

  To use in large office, large rooms or living rooms (up to 67m2) for effective operation

  Circulates Air in All Directions

  Pre-Filter+ HEPA Filter+ Active Charcoal

  Filter+Low Temp. Catalyst Filter + UV light

  Odor dust sensor

  LED display, remote control

  Ionizer Assists in Air Cleaning

  Prouduct Size : 4050*160*570mm

  Suitable Space : 67m2

  Approval : CE/GS

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